I do enjoy a challenge, and I love to be creative. But when a client asks for the twelve days of Christmas as his Christmas present to himself, that is a tall order! The client in question was Victor, a French opera singer I had met a couple of times and was more than slightly in lust with. Not content with having a fantastically sexy French accent, a handsome face and a gorgeous body, Victor was thoughtful and generous, bringing me half a suitcase full of Chanel gifts and Belgian chocolates both times we met. There was only one problem with Victor – his libido and his imagination were even bigger than mine. In fact, his sexual appetite and interest in kinky activities were off the scale. So when Victor emailed me to say that he would be spending two weeks over Christmas in London, and he wanted to book me for the whole time, I already knew that was going to be an interesting experience. However, when I read the second email, I nearly fell down the stairs.

Hi Carla, hope you are well and looking forward to seeing your favourite Frenchman next week? I have been thinking about how we are spending twelve nights together over the Christmas period and I thought it might be fun to take it in turns to give each other something special for Christmas. But I want each “gift” to be slightly kinkier than the last one. What do you say? Think you might enjoy your 12 days of Christmas with me? Love Victor xxx PS I will start.

Victor had booked a suite in One Aldwych, my favourite London hotel. He is very gallant like that. He was quite excited because his suite had a kitchen and a separate living room, so lots of potentials to try out different things. He met me in the lobby with a kiss and a big smile.

“ The first day of Christmas,” he said. “ I have a nice surprise for you upstairs.”

No sooner were we in the room than he grabbed me from behind and carried me to the sofa. The view was fantastic but it was hard to focus on it as Victor lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers down over my legs.

“ Open your legs wide,” he instructed me. I did as I was told, placing one of my feet on the back of the sofa and the other on the ground. I felt deliciously exposed.

&l do; On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… a bottle of vintage Veuve Cl iquot” he said triumphantly, pulling a bottle of my favourite champagne from behind his back. “ This is really a present for me of course,&r do; he added, “ because I am going to drink the champagne out of your beautiful pussy”

Within moments the bottle was open and I felt the cold liquid being poured into me. Victor shouted with delight as I squealed with the sensation of fizziness. I felt his tongue lapping against my labia and pushing itself inside me.

“ I don’t know who will get drunk faster, me or you” he said. We quickly found out it was me of course, as I lay back getting headier and headier while Victor poured the entire contents of the bottle into my cunt and lapped it out of me. Finally, I came hard as he nibbled and sucked at my clit while fucking me with the neck of the champagne bottle.

“ A nice start to Christmas,” he purred into my ear in his lovely French accent. “ Your turn to bring a gift tomorrow.”

Well people always give the presents they would secretly like to receive, I thought, so the next day I decided to go with a variation on his own theme. At the appointed time, Victor opened the door of his suite to find me standing in the corridor with a pot of runny honey and dressed in a sexy Santa costume.

“ Take off your robe,” I ordered as soon as I was inside the room. Victor’s handsome and substantial cock was already erect of course and I could not wait to get it inside my mouth. I began to spoon honey all over it, trickling it over his balls as well for good measure.

“ Mmmm, I like this,” Victor said. “ You know you are going to get really, really sticky doing this.”

“ Oh I know,” I said, “ I was already very sticky when I arrived just thinking about it.”

I started to lick off the honey slowly working from the tip of his cock down to his balls. It was heaven. Very soon there was no honey left and I had to spoon more on. I licked this off slowly as well and then rubbed some more honey into the head of his cock. I began to suck on it hard like a gorgeous, honey flavoured lollipop. Victor groaned with all the built-up anticipation and thrust his cock hard into my mouth. It wasn’t long before my mouth was full of honey flavoured cum, and sticky didn’t even begin to describe what my face looked like.

Over the next few nights, our “gifts” got gradually kinkier as required by Victor’s rules. The third day, he gave me a tongue bath from head to toe with half an hour devoted to licking my bottom and pushing his tongue inside my arse. The fourth day, I tied him up and teased his balls and cock with tinsel and holly before sitting on his cock and fucking him slowly until he finally came out of sheer frustration at not being able to move or resist. He got his own back on the fifth day by putting me over his knee and spanking me while rubbing brandy butter into my nipples and pushing it into my anus with his finger (all to be lapped up later by his willing tongue of course). On the sixth day, I brought him a very moist Christmas pudding and made him fuck it in front of me until he came inside it. I then made him eat it with custard. On the seventh day, he gave me anal beads and pulled them out of me slowly while he fucked me against the window with the lights on so that anyone looking up could see us. On the eighth day, I ran him a warm cinnamon bath and then stood over him and peed on him whilst drinking a glass of mulled wine. On a ninth day, he made me suck his toes while he stood next to the full-length mirror and wanked all over it, and then he made me lick all of his cum off the mirror. So I took my revenge on the tenth day and pushed my big toe as far as it would go into his virgin anus and fucked him hard with it, before making him suck it afterwards.

Of course, being us, we didn’t just confine ourselves each night to our one gift. Victor is a passionate man who finds it easy to become erect again ten minutes after he has orgasmed. He fucked me over every chair, on every carpet and against every window, in every room, from every angle. He covered my breasts and pussy with the contents of his fridge and used me as a festive dinner plate. He poured candle wax on me and used his cock as a dipper to feed me different foods. We blindfolded and tied each other up with rope, leather and silk and punished and rewarded each other in equal measure. I had so many protein drinks I could have been a bodybuilder.

By the time we reached the eleventh day of Christmas, we had literally exhausted all of our best and worst ideas. I could see that Victor was struggling and wondered what he would come up with so to speak. When I knocked on his door, he was not so quick as usual to answer it and I did think for one foolish moment that he might have become bored with the game and decided to have a quiet night in eating pizza and watching romantic movies. Not so, of course. He opened the door with a troubling grin and beckoned me inside. As I walked into the suite, he began to talk about how we hadn’t really stuck properly to the theme and that as it was the eleventh day, he should really be giving me eleven things… We walked into the sitting room and I saw that it was full of naked men wearing black bow ties and holding recorders. They began to play the twelve days of Christmas when they saw me. “ Not exactly eleven pipers piping,” Victor said, “ but as close as I could get”. I counted, slowly, and yes, there really were eleven naked men in the sitting room.

Of course, I knew that Victor had not brought these men here purely to serenade me. Most of them as far as I could see had cocks almost as big and hard as their recorders. “ Do you want to play on their pipes?” Victor asked me, seeing me looking. I could hardly refuse after all the trouble he had gone to and I dutifully knelt in front of the first guy and took his lovely cock into my mouth. I sensed movement in the room and within moments I was surrounded by flesh, and feeling hands and cocks all over my body from every angle. I knew that I was about to be fucked more than I had ever been fucked in my life and I decided to go with it. After all, it was nearly Christmas. For the next two hours, my cunt, arse and mouth were crammed with cock after cock while Victor praised and caressed me, teasing my nipples and my clit and whispering in my ear. I could not believe how much it turned him on to see me being thoroughly defiled by other men. “ On the eleventh day of Christmas,” he sang in a French accent, “ my true love gave to me eleven cocks a fucking”. “ Strictly speaking, it’s twelve” I mumbled with a mouth full of said cock. “ You haven’t included yourself.” A few hours later, thoroughly sated, with my hair and face covered in cum, I watched as Victor closed the door on the last guy and wondered vaguely what the hotel staff must be thinking.

“ So, my true love,” Victor said as he returned, smiling at the state of me. “ Twelfth night tomorrow. Do you think you can give me twelve maids who need milking?” “ Its drummers drumming,” I replied, “ and I think I can come up with something, but we’ ll have to go out, and you’ ll need to bring some money.”

“ Of course,” he smiled, looking intrigued. “ Where shall we meet?”

“ I have a rather special place in mind,” I said. “I’ll text you the address tomorrow.”

The place I had in mind was a members-only lap-dancing club I had been taken to once before. It’s kind of a bit more than a lap-dancing club in that the lap-dancers are all a bit on the dominatrix side and you can pay them to do things to you as well as lap-dance. I have a friend who works there so I called her the next day and set things up.

When Victor met me, he seemed very excited. I’m not sure that he properly anticipated what lay in store for him. Going inside the club, we were led to a table by a friendly hostess who offered us a drink and then said she was going to go and find us some company.

“ Can you afford to pay for twelve lap dances?” I asked.

“ Of course,” Victor replied, “ It is what I was expecting.” He handed me a huge wad of cash.

“ OK well I thought you might like to take them at all once,” I said. Within moments, twelve beautiful women were standing by our table, dressed in leather and rubber but naked from the waist up. Each of them was carrying a drum and drumsticks.

“ Oh wow,” Victor said, looking at them in awe.

I paid one of them the money Victor had given me.

“ Stand up,” she ordered Victor in a clipped Eastern European accent.

He did so obediently.

“ Remove your trousers and pants,” she commanded.

Victor looked surprised but did as he was told.

“ Bend over the table,” she said.

For a moment, Victor hesitated and looked as though he was about to argue but he seemed to decide it was fair enough and bent over the table as instructed, his bare arse exposed to all of us.

The first drummer girl took position behind him and began to drum hard on his arse with her drumsticks. To soothe him a little, I reached under him and found his cock. It was hard, of course. I rubbed it between my fingers while each girl whacked his arse hard with her drumsticks, each one beating him a little harder than the last. He squirmed and moaned but his cock remained hard and I continued to fondle it as he took his beating.

“ You are not allowed to touch them,” I told him when all twelve drummer girls had beat his arse sore .&ldquo, but they can touch you. You have taken your punishment bravely and now it is time for your reward.”

Gratefully, Victor stood up and turned around. I pushed him back into his seat and straddled him, joyfully feeling the hard cock I had been fondling for the last hour pressing upwards into my cunt. As I moved my sex up and down his shaft, the drummer girls surrounded us, pressing their soft breasts into his face and teasing his balls. “ No don’t touch!” one of them snapped suddenly, as he reached for her tits, and slapped his face hard. “ You can play with mine,” I reminded him of putting his hands against my nipples. That was the cue for Victor to lose control and he began to squeeze my breasts hard, growling like an animal. I leaned forward and he took them into his mouth one after the other biting my nipples and thrusting hard into me. One of the girls pulled his face away from me and pressed her huge boobs against his mouth and nose almost suffocating him. He fucked me harder and I felt hands against my arse stroking his shaft as it went in and out of me.

One of the girls (my friend) stepped forward and poured milk over her breasts. “ Here is your milkmaid. Suck the milk from her breasts,” I told him. He needed no second invitation, he began lapping at her breasts like a cat whilst I rode him harder and harder.

“ Let me cum on her and you lick it off,” he pleaded. I nodded and he pulled out of me immediately and beckoned my friend to kneel in front of him. Within moments he was spraying her milky breasts with large quantities of pent up cum. I lapped it all up in delight as he brought me to a shuddering orgasm with his fingers, pressing them into me from behind and rubbing my clit.

“ What a shame it is only twelve days,” he said as I collapsed on him, absolutely spent. “ Next year I think we should write the twenty days of Christmas song…”

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