I had recently had a threesome with my husband and I had a much better time than I had ever thought I could. I had been a bit timid about bringing another woman into the bedroom with us at first, just because I never really thought that I could enjoy another woman sexually. After the experience, I was more interested in women than I had ever been. Of course, I had experimented when I was a young girl with other girls my age, but I hadn't really thought about being with other women sexually since then. Now that I had a taste of what a woman could offer in the bedroom that seemed to be all I could think about. Everywhere I went I seemed to notice women more, and I wondered if they noticed me as well.

I decided I wanted to experiment with other women outside of my relationship with my husband. I had talked to him about it and he had told me that he didn't mind, that he simply wanted me to enjoy myself. I knew that he was open because he knew it would benefit him as well, but I was really eager to experiment with this side of myself. I didn't know anyone that I could become involved in and I didn't want to damage any friendships that I had with other women for the sake of experimentation. I decided that I would need to experiment with female escorts because this would give me the experience I was looking for in a safe, friendly, and no strings attached way, and that is exactly what I was looking for.

I spent some time online trying to find a high-quality escort service that would put me in touch with beautiful UK sex escorts and I soon came upon the Divine London Escorts website. I was impressed with the number of girls that the website featured and was excited by how many independent escorts there was to choose from. I didn't know at first how many would be willing to spend time with another woman but was pleased when I learned that many of them were interested in women. I scanned all of the pictures and profiles and knew I had found the right girl when I came upon a picture of Tuesday. She was a beautiful girl with shoulder-length brown hair, an athletic body type, and she was very natural looking, which is what I had decided I liked.

I had never been with a UK escort in the past so I had to make my way to the reservation page. I decided that I would meet on Tuesday at my home the following afternoon when my husband was at work and I could have her all to myself. I paid for the time with her and then logged off the computer and told my husband that I had some great plans for the next day. He was definitely excited too, but I told him he needed to let me have my fun and I would share it with him later.

The next day my husband reluctantly went off to work. I tidied the house, changed the sheets and sprayed them with lavender spray, and then dressed in a sexy little outfit. I was excited to meet Tuesday and experience a girl all on my own. Before I knew it there was a knock at the door and when I looked out through the glass door I saw her standing there. She saw me as well and she gave a cute little wave. I opened the door and thought she looked really good, wearing a schoolgirl like a skirt and shirt with knee-high socks. She looked amazing and I told her so as she walked into my house. I offered her a drink, she accepted a bottle of water, and then I asked her if she would like to soak in the hot tub with me. She said she would love to, but mentioned that she didn't have a bathing suit, and I told her it didn't matter, we would simply go natural. She smiled and nodded as she said she thought that sounded like that was a good idea. We both stripped down and slipped into the hot tub. She sat across from me and we enjoyed some casual conversation about the house, about my husband, and of course about my previous experiences with women. She then moved toward me and said,?And now I want to know what you want from me" She was so direct it took me off guard, so I didn't know how to respond, I simply shrugged.

She smiled and stood up and stepped out of the hot tub, extending her hand toward me. I took her hand and I got out and let her lead me into my bedroom, which we had passed through to get to the hot tub. When we got to the bed she told me to lay down on the edge of the bed, and following her lead, I did so. I had butterflies in my stomach so I simply did what she said to do, hoping that it would be good for me. I lay back and I felt her touch the insides of my thighs with her hands first, and then I felt her gently kissing my inner thighs. I gasped, feeling my skin being covered by goosebumps.

Tuesday took her time, kissing me, caressing me, and then she finally placed her lips gently on my vagina. For a moment she simply held still and then ever so gently the probed around with her tongue, slowly at first and then more rapidly and deeper. I had handfuls of her hair as she moved expertly around my body, pleasing me in ways that I hadn't been pleased in my life. She knew just where to touch and in a few intense moments I was climaxing, and as I did so I was moaning quite loudly. When I was done Tuesday didn't stop, she kept going, allowing me to orgasm three times before we were done, and with that, I realized that women could offer me something that a man never could and that was something that I wanted!

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