“Look at me Alex.”

Alex raised his head and looked at Kara. She was smiling slightly and her smile was warm, gentle, amused. He was kneeling in front of her, collared and leashed, his hands cuffed behind his back, sweaty, his stiff cock jutting forward, his face smeared with his own saliva and my cunt juice. I held the end of the leash and gripped the other end close to his collar. My naked thigh was against his shoulder and he could smell the spicy, musky scent of my arousal. I was displaying him to Kara and he sensed my pride in him and it turned him on to have pleased me.

Kara was standing in front of him, her smile widening. I could see that he felt total affirmation, as though she were a goddess and he were engaged in some ancient and wonderful form of worship. Her eyes were smiling with tenderness and joy in his submission to her. She knew he trusted her completely, he wanted to be hers. Kara was looking particularly beautiful in a severe black suit and a white silk blouse; with her long thighs, rounded hips, slim waist, full breasts and her cropped lustrous black hair and pale skin. She was watching his eyes on her as though she could read his mind, could see what he was thinking and feeling as he knelt in front of her.

I smiled at Kara.

“He’s all yours, boss.”

“So I see”

I handed Kara the leash and stepped behind him to uncuff his hands, bringing them up behind his head. Then I crossed the room and took a riding crop from the table and gave it to Kara. I sat on the wide golden-coloured bed and poured myself a glass of champagne. Sipping it, I watched them. Kara looked at me and then I opened my legs so that she could see the soft red lips of my cunt, then I placed a finger between my thighs and began to masturbate myself, very slowly. Kara watched me rolling the tip of my finger at the top of my cleft, finding my clit and pleasuring it.

Then Kara lifted Alex's leash and he rose to his feet and stood waiting, facing forward. He had no will now of his own. Kara walked slowly around Alex, looking at his body, like a new possession. I knew that he could smell her perfume and feel the warmth of her, enjoying her eyes on his body and loving his own body for the pleasure it gave her, the possibilities it held for her.

He flinched as the crop touched his thigh and the tip moved slowly upwards, tracing along the line of the muscles. As it reached his arse he opened his legs to allow her to reach him there. The crop moved along his buttocks and traced the weals from the flogging I had given him earlier. I knew that his pain was a dull ache, indistinguishable from his desire. My own experience told me that he wanted more but that waiting for it was sufficient pleasure. I felt a little jealous of him, remembering the joy of that anticipation and surrender. The tip of the crop explored the crack of his arse and lifted his balls gently before gently flicking the base of his penis. He groaned.

Kara smacked him lightly on the inner thigh and he spread his legs wider. She smacked him again on each thigh, first one and then the other, and he bent forward supported by her hand tight against his collar and she smacked him again and again, harder and harder, thrashing his inner thighs and then his buttocks as he arched his back and his lifted his head and grunted with each strike. Then she tugged the collar and led him across the room, smacking his arse as he walked with the crop. She led him to me and pushed his face forward roughly as I took his shoulders and opened my legs so that his face was deep in my crotch. I held him between my legs with my hand in his hair, the other gripping his cuffed hands. He tried to kneel but Kara whacked him so he continued standing, arse raised, face against the sofa and my cunt. I knew that my scent was filling his nostrils while my strong firm thighs enveloped his face. He could hardly beathe, yet Kara continued beating him without mercy. Finally, she stopped and we allowed him to kneel as I spread my thighs, releasing him, and he gulped the air, panting. Kara stroked his stinging arse and bent over him, murmuring in his ear.

“There now, my poor man. There.”

I ran my fingers through his hair and rocked my cunt against his face as his muscles relaxed and loosened, his anus unclenching as we soothed him. This gentleness after the pain must have been like ecstacy for him.

I got up and poured myself a drink while Kara re-did her make up and paced around for a while, giving Alex a few minutes to recover. She was impatient, though, and soon announced, “It's time, Alex. Let’s get you ready.”

She lifted him again by the collar and led him to the sofa where I was sitting, naked now.

She commanded him to lie prone across my knees. His body was loose now, pliant beneath our hands. He lay full-length on the sofa across my spread thighs with his bum in my lap and I felt his bursting cock squashed against my soft flesh. Kara straddled his shoulders and put her weight on his back so that he could feel the wetness between her legs as she pressed him down. His cuffed hands made him helpless. She forced his legs apart and then he gasped at the coldness of the lubricant on her finger, as it slid into his anus, testing, exploring. She moved until she met resistance and then smacked him , waiting for him to relax completely before she pushed her finger in more deeply.

Once he was relaxed, she withdrew and I handed her a smallish vibrator. She began to push it into him. His sphincter must have tightened and he writhed uncomfortably, but a smack from Kara and he relaxed as the cold hard thing slid up his arse. Kara fucked him with it, smacking him lightly in time with her thrusts.

Then she stopped and spread his bum-cheeks again. Once more her finger slipped inside him, easily this time.

Suddenly she rose and jerked him to his feet again and then pushed him down so that he was kneeling before her. She looked at him fiercely, her face flushed.

I stood up and brought her the bag.

“Uncuff him”

I removed his handcuffs and Kara took out a strap-on dildo and gave it to Alex to feel. It was big.

“This is for you Alex. Now put it on me.”

He reached towards her and unzipped her skirt sliding it over her hips. Her lacy knickers were wet. Hesitantly, he slipped them off as well, gazing in awe at her lovely pussy. She turned and told him sharply to fit the straps.

Once she was proudly wearing the large pink member, Alex obediently crossed to the sofa and knelt, arse raised. He splayed his legs, bracing himself for her and Kara standing behind him touched his anus with the tip of the dildo. It was big, but they worked together to force it into him, her thrusting and him opening, her hands on his hips helping him to let her fuck him more and more deeply.

I crawled beneath them and placed my lips on his cock. He gasped with delight and Kara was able to shove her dildo further up and then move in him, fucking him at last and faster and faster, gripping his spread hips and ramming into him as my mouth and tongue worked on his cock.

“Can I come now mistress?” Alex asked suddenly.

“Yes, you can, slave,” Kara said, suddenly indulgent. His warm cum immediately began to spurt over my face as Kara slowed her thrusts, fucking him deeply and carefully as he came. We all relaxed as he returned gradually to consciousness and lay with his weight on me, my breasts squeezed under his belly. Kara withdrew the dildo from his anus as I licked the last drops of cum from his cock and then slid out from beneath him.

“Time out, Alex.” Kara lifted him to his feet and led him across the room to a chair. It was like an office chair but more comfortable, with padded seat and back and plastic molded armrests. It was out of keeping with the quiet luxury of the room and was obviously there for a specific purpose. We said nothing. Alex had no need to know, his role was only to wait and to find out. Kara sat him in the chair then she and I roped him quickly and expertly so that his legs and arms were trussed to the chair, strapping him across the chest to the chairback.

How lovely we must have looked to him, I thought, as he watched my breasts lift as I tightened his strap and Kara’s pert arse under the short black skirt as she bent to tie the rope around his ankles.

“Would you like a drink, Alex?” Kara asked. Her tone of voice was ordinary but there was an unmistakeable undertone.. steel beneath the velvet, heightened by the smell of our sex, the spicy scent of arousal. It was as though we were actors on a stage, I thought, clocking each of our positions in the room, Alex naked and bound to the chair, his cock no longer erect lying against his thigh, his nude body helpless under our eyes, Kara standing over him, magnificent and me next to the drink cabinet waiting, smiling, for his answer.

He nodded and I gave him a drink, gently cupping his chin and lifting the champagne glass so that he could drain it, and then another. The alcohol seemed to take effect instantly, he suddenly seemed alert and excited again.

Kara pushed the chair on its casters towards the armchair and sat on it facing him.

“Let me remind you of your position, Alex. You asked to join my small circle of submissives; I agreed to give you the chance, and asked Carla to train you for me, to see if you were ready, and to teach you . . . the ropes, so to speak. She has done well and so have you. Now you have to choose. If you want to stop now, you could leave and none of this will have happened. If you decide to go on you’ll belong to me, completely, as my possession, and you’ll do as I say, with whom I say, and I will use you at my pleasure. One hesitation and you’re out, and there would be no coming back.”

“I want it. This was what I want. I don’t want a life without it.”

She smiled at him he returned her smile with a look of delight and pure trust. I was startled by the look – it was the look of love, but more than that, the look of someone who had been lost and was now found.

She smiled again and her gaze held him, and then deliberately and without taking her eyes from him she slapped him hard across the face.

“Would you like to fuck me, Alex?” There was a taunt in her voice.


“Do you think you’re ready?”


“You’re right, slave. But I’m so fucking horny, Alex . . . fucking you was fun but now I need a good fucking myself . . . Carla would love to suck me off, and so would you, but I need the real thing.”

Kara lifted her skirt and slipped her hand into her knickers. She sighed deeply as her fingers stroked her clit. Then she stood up suddenly.

“Don’t go away, either of you, I want you to enjoy this as much as I will.” She turned and left the room, favouring Alex with an impish grin as she departed. I smiled at Alex and pushed the chair towards the closet. Opening the mirrored door, I pushed the chair inside. It was deep inside, deep enough for both of us. Alex started with surprise as he saw that the mirror has been replaced with one that worked two ways; he could see the room and the bed clearly. He may have been shocked by the thought of what would happen next but his cock was not. His penis was instantly erect and I reached down and took it in my hand and stroked him, base to tip, slowly, fondling and squeezing. He gasped and I smiled again.

“I think we should shut you up, Alex”.

I pushed a ball of soft plastic against his lips and he opened his mouth to allow me to fit it and cinch the staps behind his head. Then I stoked his cock again and this time his grunt was almost inaudible. I reached down and raked his balls with my fingernails, gently. He groaned. Then I fitted a pair of headphones into his ears just as I heard the door open.
Kara breezed into the room transformed. The cool powerful dominatrix was gone and in its place she’d become a different woman . . . silly, loud, naïve, openly sluttish. The two men with her were not quite drunk and they didn’t wait until the door closed before they had their hands on her.

The older one had his hands under her skirt and the younger one was opening her blouse and kissing her loudly on the neck.

“Take your time fellas, as long as you’re out of here before the boss comes back.” Kara’s London accent was perfect. The two men stripped off her bra and her breasts fell loose. One man nuzzled her, one full breast in each hand, grunting as he buried his face in her firm flesh. She reached for the bulge in his trousers and the other man came behind her and lifted her skirt, grabbing her arse and squeezing her, groping towards her cunt. They pushed her back on the bed, her breasts flopping, her legs splayed.

“Oi! Don’t be so rough!” Kara’s squeal and giggle said otherwise and the first man grabbed her around the waist and flipped her onto her knees and then took her knickers down. The other loosened his belt and dropped his trousers and his cock sprang free. Kara took it in both hands and he knelt on the bed and she sucked him and fondled his balls. The man behind her slapped her on the rump and she cocked her arse for him moving her thighs apart, her lovely bum uplifted, her cunt peeping between the globes of her buttocks. Kara’s sleek black head bobbed as she sucked the man before her and he grabbed her breasts and kneaded them. She looked up at him holding his gaze as he fucked her face, groaning in appreciation, her mouth bulging with his cock as she took it deep and hard into her throat. The other man shed his trousers and he too knelt on the bed as she reached behind and guided his cock into her cunt, moving her arse to take him deeper into her.

I looked at Alex watching as the men fucked her . His muscles strained against the ropes and straps and he made strange noises, muffled by the gag that filled his mouth. I squeezed his cock in rhythm to the thrusts of the man riding Kara. Alex lifted his arse so that my fingers could stroke his balls as she pumped his cock. I knew exactly what he was feeling - pleasure and pain combined until he lost consciousness of everything but the moment; his beautiful Kara sucking one man and being fucked by another, him bound and gagged and at the mercy of my delicious fondling of his cock.

The man behind Kara slipped his cock out of her and then plunged it deep into her arse. She wriggled her bum against him and brought him off, grunting, while he reached under her smooth belly and finger-fucked her until she came, thrashing and howling. Then the man in front of Kara grabbed her hair and made her look up at him as he came into her mouth.

She smiled at him and licked the last drops from his glans.

The men put their trousers on calmly and watched Kara lying prone. panting on the bed.

“Christ, You really like to fuck, don’t you sweetheart?” said one.

Kara raised herself on her elbow and looked at him, her smile rueful.

“I love to be fucked like that! Thank you! But you'd better go now before the boss comes back!”

“OK, don’t get up . . . we’ll see ourselves out” said the other man. They laughed and left. When the door closed there was silence and Kara transformed herself again, without moving. The silly slut vanished completely and there again was the goddess, composed, serene, effortlessly powerful.

She stared into the mirror and into Alex’s eyes. I wondered what he was thinking... it looked as though she was staring right into his soul. I realised that what they had found in other was more than a business relationship... it was actually a kind of love. I wondered what would happen when I left them alone together... would Kara continue to beat and ill-treat him or would they at last curl up together and go to sleep?

I left them and walked swiftly down the corridor hoping that my cab was still waiting for me. As I strode across the lobby, I caught a few admiring glances and felt a thrill in the erotic energy of the city at night. I fluttered my eyelashes coyly at the guy who held the door for me, and realised that my adventures in being a dominatrix were probably at an end for now. Carla the submissive was back... like Alex, I needed to belong to someone, to give myself and be taken. But I wondered if I would ever give myself so entirely to someone else as Alex had done... or would I always be glad, at the end of an evening, to feel the fresh air on my face as I walked towards my waiting taxi?

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