Royal Escorts Terms and Conditions

Royal Escorts cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage caused by the use of this website.
In a like manner, Royal Escorts are not liable for any damage resulting from bookings or related to bookings made through
Minimum age
The minimum age for using our services is 21 years.  When in doubt, the escort may ask for your identification as proof of your age. When you are not able to provide such identification, your booking will be terminated immediately. The cancellation fee will be the fee for the minimum booking in your area with this escort.
Rates and Payments
The rates, including all possible discounted rates, are clearly stated on our website. Our rates are non-negotiable; instead of asking for an additional discount may we suggest that you consider searching for an escort better matched to your financial situation.
We ask you to pay for our escort services in cash at the beginning of your appointment. Don’t worry if your escort calls us when she arrives, this is just to let us know she has arrived safely and you are pleased with our choice.


Minimum booking time and minimum notice
Royal escorts in London are available for bookings for a minimum of 1 hour or longer. The longer in advance you place a booking, the better chance you have that the escort of your choice is available to meet you.
When the escort is running late:  Our escorts are very punctual and will always do their very best to be on time. It is, however, possible that your escort might be late for whatever reason and we do ask for your understanding. However, we understand that your patience is not unlimited and for bookings placed well in advance, you have the possibility to cancel your appointment without any charges if your escort is more than 30 minutes late. This does not apply to last-minute appointments, made less than 4 hours in advance.
When you are running late:  Please inform us as soon as possible if you are running late for your booking. If the escort is not yet on her way to meet you, she will wait at home for an update from us. However, if the escort is already on her way to meet you and/or already at the booking location, waiting time with a maximum of 15 minutes is not charged for. After that, the waiting time is deducted from your booking time. If you have not informed us in advance you are running late, all waiting time will be deducted from your booking time.

Client requirements

Royal Escorts does not discriminate on nationality or race. Black, white, yellow or purple, everybody is welcome to use our services.  We do ask that you are at least 21 years of age. When in doubt, the escort may ask for your identification as proof of your age. When you are not able to provide such identification, your booking will be terminated immediately.  the cancellation fee will be the fee for the minimum booking in your area with this escort.  If upon arrival  the escort refuses the booking due to your lack of hygiene, unsuitable location, behaviour or attitude,  your booking will be terminated immediately.  the cancellation fee will be the fee for the minimum booking in your area with this escort.

Location requirements

Our escorts are available to visit you in any 4 or more star hotel, a suite is preferred. They are also available to visit you in your private residence. Our escorts are not available for short appointments in unhygienic or low-class locations, unsafe bad neighbourhoods, outdoor locations, cars, rendezvous hotels, sex clubs, student housing and sex cinemas.

Alcohol and drugs
Most of our escorts are light  social drinkers. They enjoy a glass of champagne or some wine during dinner. They do not accept large amounts of alcohol, please do not offer this to our escorts. We have a strict ‘no-drugs’ policy. Please do not offer our escorts drugs or ask us if the escort can bring some to the booking. If you decide to use drugs yourself, that’s up to you but if for any reason the escort does not feel comfortable with the situation she has the right to immediately terminate the booking, without refund.

Discretion and confidentiality | Protecting your details

Discretion is just as important to us as it is to you! The details that you provide to us will be kept confidential at any time and will only be used for verification, appointments or membership details, security check, prepayment and cancellation fee. This information will stay confidential. If extra discretion is required please be sure to note this in your email. We do our very best to keep all your details completely confidential. For example, our escorts all sign confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements and details send through our website are sent through a secure (SSL) connection. In the unfortunate event that any details provided by you to us are disclosed in any way, Royal Escorts can not be held liable or responsible in any way. Persons placing bookings with false details, booking an escort with no intention of showing up themselves or paying for the escorts time and services, will be traced. We keep the right to publish your details on both open and closed anti-faker websites, blacklists and other media preventing you from placing such fake bookings in the future.


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Safety and protection

The safety of our escorts is extremely important to us. Royal Escorts takes every possible precaution to protect and secure the escort from harm. Security is present and provided if asked for by the escort. Our escorts may use a personal driver or bodyguard. However, they will not be seen by you, given that you do not create any unsafe situations for our escorts. Clients attempting to harm, offend, steal from or frighten an escort in any way will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Police will be notified immediately of the booking details.

Refuse clients

Royal Escorts reserve the right to refuse any client at any time without notice or provocation, for whatever reason seems fit. Possible reasons may be unsuitability in behaviour, presentation or hygiene, or simply lack escort availability, but no reason needs to be stated when a client is refusedRoyal Escortsis not responsible for disappointment of a last-minute appointment that could not be filled due to limited availability or unavailability of the office/telephones.

Escorts are within their rights to refuse to accept a booking from a client at any time without reason. She is not required to stay with, accompany or converse with any client she does not wish to stay, accompany or converse with, nor is she required to provide any particular services. The services she provides are her own choice, in agreement to a client’s requests. 

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