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Working with The Best Escort Agency In Central London

Getting Started:


If you would like to join the elite group of girls represented by Royal Escorts get in touch. We are a friendly team who will take care of all the promotion and administrative issues allowing you to focus on your escort work. If you are confident and attractive, comfortable in high-end hotels and restaurants then Royal Escorts is the agency for you.

It is your own business and we do everything we can to make sure you enjoy your work, safe in the knowledge that someone you can trust is promoting you 24 hours a day with our own in-house IT professionals and marketing team.

Some of our experience escorts are more than happy to give you advise if this is a new venture for you. If you are moving to London you will find it can be a glamorous cosmopolitan city that never really sleeps.

We do not recruit just anyone – our clients are some of the most influencing and distinguished gentlemen in London. You will need to be a good communicator, friendly and a little bit flirtatious. You can expect to be taken to some amazing hotels and fine restaurants as well as offering a luxurious in-call service.

It is imperative to us that our escorts have a warm and friendly personality, that they are easy to talk to, with a love of flirtatious fun. Our escorts are strictly vetted to ensure not only you are suitable for us but that we are suitable for you. Please be aware we do not accept all applications and criteria must be met in order to work with us.

If you are interested in joining us – fill in the form opposite. For more general information please use the contact form, join us for a bright future as a Royal Escort…

Requirements for Work:

Q: About you?

A: You will need to have a professional demeanour having high standards for yourself. You will need to be someone who takes good care of yourself, keeping fit and healthy, staying away from illicit drugs and not drinking alcohol to excess. Strange as it may sound, you actually need to be comfortable in the environment that VIP gentlemen may take you whether that be a 5-star hotel or a fine restaurant. Good manners and etiquette are a must. You should be a good conversationalist, well-read and a good communicator. You must be totally content with your appearance and well-groomed. Aged 18 to 35 years of age you must also be exceptionally discrete and under no circumstances discuss the identity of your clients with anyone outside Royal Escorts.

Q: Does it cost me anything to become a Royal Escort?

A: The simple answer is no. We assume you will have a wardrobe and a fashion taste in line with your VIP clients. It is also assumed that you will have your own portfolio of photos. If not we can help you here by recommending a trusted photographer in London. Finally, for in-call services you should have a smart apartment - we can advise on what is required in this area.

Q: How often do I need to be available?

A: Up to you - there is a fine balance between earning and making sure you are not overworked and burnt out. We will never put you under any pressure but simply ask that we are advised when you are free to work.

Working with the Agency:

Why Royal Escorts in London?

A: We consider Royal Escorts to be a family. As such we like to work as a team for the benefit of everyone. We only work with the best and we also make sure that our clients are gentlemen. As such we have a good reputation in the agency industry and we aim to keep that reputation by providing a safe and loyal environment for our escorts and trust that they will see the benefits of working with us. You will know by contacting us that we are a professional team who respect our escorts and put their welfare above turnover.

Q: What about security?

A: At Royal Escorts we take the security of our escorts very seriously. We always vet our clients and make sure that you inform us when the appointment has started. We will always be just a call away and can also if required have security on hand (though this has never been necessary)


Q: Why do we need to have an in-person interview first?

A: It is very important to meet you and begin to build up a rapport. Normally we will have a phone call and then arrange a meeting so we can have a brief chat and explain our listing terms and conditions. This does also give us a chance to chat and hopefully discover you are open, easy-going and friendly.

Q: May I use my own photos on the website?

A: When you apply you may upload your own pictures or video files. Some of the images will be the public area of the site where others will be for VIP members only. You can elect for your face to be blurred in the publicly viewable pictures. If you are considered for the VIP area well will also ask you to upload a video with a short message for our VIP members. If you do not think that your pictures are of a high enough quality then we can set you up with a discrete London photographer who can take a selection of photos for the site. We try to do very little in terms of photo editing so that our clients see a true reflection of your great looks. We may, however, alter contrast or remove minor flaws in the picture.


Q: How am I paid?

A: You will normally be paid in cash by the client. There may be times when the client has pre-paid the agency. If this is the case you will be paid shortly after the appointment.

Q: Do I have to accept bookings?

A: If you tell us you are available we do expect you to meet the client and to be on time. There may be times when something unforeseen happens and at such time you must tell us and we will liaise with the client on your behalf. Under our Terms & Conditions, the client has the right to cancel the appointment if you arrive more than 30 minutes late. Communication is paramount and most issues can be sorted out easily. If however, you make a habit of being late then initially you will feature in a less prominent position on the site and further issues may lead to your removal. If you find that you and your client are not hitting it off when you meet, then as the escort you can agree with the client that the appointment should be terminated. If this occurs you must contact the agency straight away and we will deal with the situation. And of course, if the client acts in any ungentlemanly fashion you will phone us without delay.

Q: How many appointments can I expect per week?

A: Your workload may go up and down but as many of our clients are regular users of Royal Escorts then over time the only limitation is your availability. We would ask you not to burn yourself out and we may place restrictions on your availability should it appear that you are working too hard.


Q: How discreet is this work?

A: Just like our clients your privacy is very important to us. We will never give out your details to anyone.

Q: Where do I meet the clients?

A: Your in-call appointments will arrive at your apartment and should be there on time and no more than 15 minutes late. You agree to give them a 15 minute grace period. Then they will be billed for every minute after the 15 minute grace period is over. If the client is more than 30 minutes late you should call us and we will contact the client and either advise you of his arrival time or formally cancel the appointment and blacklist the client. For out-call you can expect to be going to a 4 or 5-star hotel in London. Clients often used the best suites and the top restaurants so you will be treated like a princess. Interested in becoming a Royal Escort - then fill in the form...

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